Lincoln Wedding Photography

With wedding season well under way we do have a few slots left available for this year if you would like more information on any of our wedding services then please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation quote or chat.

We were fortunate last weekend to be the first people to cover a wedding ceremony in the Yarborough room at the White Heart Hotel in Lincoln, This room provides some excellent opportunities but it also causes some issues for wedding photography. The room is setup with large mirrors all around, and large windows at the side the combination of both help to flood the room with natural light. The downside to this venue / room is that as a photographer you have to be incredibly careful not to get your reflection caught in the mirrors. For the most case this meant shooting at angles however it is certainly worth discussing this with your client before the ceremony as you can yield some modern and artistic images especially with showing both the Bride & Groom from 2 different perspectives in the same shot. It is worth pointing out that this can also show some of the guests as they are watching the ceremony so you may have to be selective when it comes to the images that you use.


Wedding Photography Lincoln